Driftwood Deals and Wholesale Pricing

     Wholesale Malaysian Driftwood

     Big Savings By The Pound on smaller Sizes

Our Containers are always a great success! Many thanks to those stores who helped make this possible! We are working to expand out supply so that we can re-stock our growing list of independant Pet Stores as often as they need. We are expanding our delivery areas north into Boston and New England, West from Pittsburgh to Chicago as well as into SOuth Florida and from Atlanta to New Orleans and St. Louis.

We have been delivering  Premium Quality Driftwood to over 200 independent Pet Stores for over 20 years. We are now pleased to offer our Premium Malaysian Sinking Driftwood with Discounted Shipping (some Restrictions apply)to new stores in new areas of the country as well!

        We Now Offer Discounted Shipping on our

Most Popular Pet Store Mix

400 LBS Mixed Sizes minimizes shipping costs. At 400lbs and above we can also discount shipping further. Call or email for details.

 A mix of up to nine bags of Premium sinking Malaysian Wood. We can mix and match smaller sizes with medium large sizes in bags with a smaller selection of Large Loose Sinking wood, perfect for all tank sizes from 10 gallon and up. We also stock XL sizes at great pricing for that big display tank or that customer with larger tanks to create habitat in.

Loose Pack Double Large wood and XL loose wood priced from $15 per piece up to $60 per piece for a select few. Most are priced at $20, $30 and $40 per piece.

                                                     We Feature

Small-Medium sinking wood in bags, 44lb, 20 pieces per bag average

Medium Large to Large sinking wood in Bags 44lb, 10 pieces per bag average

as low as $1.59 per pound

Retail Pricing Range is from $4.95-$7.95 per pound

Custom Mixes Available

Discounted Shipping Available but call or email about our  Delivery Schedule as we will be near you at some point if your store is East of the Mississippi. After that it is on to Texas!

Larger Stores can take advantage of our “Buy In” Program.

                            $1.49 per lb   500 lb minimum

       Larger discounts for orders over 1200 lbs.

50% deposit required to enroll in “buy In” Program

We are working out Regional Distributorships with interested parties. Contact us for this unique and affordable business opportunity. 252-423-0095   gregroberts13@gmail.com

Discount Shipping available by Common Carrier Freight on all Bulk Orders. Inquire for Details