Exclusive Pet Store Pallet of Ancient Red Cedar Driftwood for Aquariums and Reptile Habitat

Our Full Pet Store Mix consists of 66 Mixed Size Pieces of our Premium Quality Ancient Red Cedar Driftwood. A full selection of sizes, mostly small pieces for Nano Tanks or other small Aquariums but including Show Piece sizes for 55 Gallon and larger. Sizes and pricing as follows.      Size A    

Tillandsia (Airplant) Driftwood

This mix of wood is meant for the Commercial Designer in a Florist or High Quality Garden Center, or the serious Hobbyist. Bring out the best in your Tillandsia Sales!

Small Pet Store Mix for Freshwater Fish and Reptile Habitat

This standard mix of mostly smaller sizes offers variety in your habitat supplies. Not all stores have room or funds for a pallet sized delivery. This mix can quickly restock your store for under $100. Multiple mixes are the perfect way to increase inventory levels with more unique shapes in very high demand sizes. Pallets